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Dark Matter Distribution in the Abell 901/902 Supercluster

Astronomers assembled this photo by combining a visible-light image of the Abell 901/902 supercluster taken with the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope in La Silla, Chile, with a dark matter map derived from observations with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The magenta-tinted clumps represent a map of the dark matter in the cluster. Dark matter is an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the universe’s mass. The image shows that the supercluster galaxies lie within the clumps of dark matter.

Hubble cannot see the dark matter directly. Astronomers inferred its location by analyzing the effect of so-called weak gravitational lensing, where light from more than 60,000 galaxies behind Abell 901/902 is distorted by intervening matter within the cluster. Researchers used the observed, subtle distortion of the galaxies’ shapes to reconstruct the dark matter distribution in the supercluster.

Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

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#aka all the words you need to hit up a gay bar (tags via spikeface)

#is it possible to die from secondhand embarrassment #because my vision is going dark and i’m starting to worry #like hell i’m gonna watch that video #i don’t want to hear him try to speak spanish i don’t need that kind of torment in my life right now #adios pendejo (tags via radiophile)

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insertnerdyjokehere: Bones points to a cluster of stars and says "Oh yeah? Well if you look over there you can see the 'You're-Not-As-Cute-As-You-Think-You-Are'" and then Jim grabs his hand and points it to another group and whispers "and there's the 'Yes-I-Am'" and Bones snorts and lowers his hand but Jim doesn't let go and so they're kinda holding hands and Bones is still looking at the sky but then he feels a warm breath on his cheek and turns his head and is surprised to see Jim looking at him


I’m going to c r y

I’m out of words I just have feelings about two space gays thank you for this

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Eric Bana’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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current status: not being kissed or riding a dragon this is unacceptable

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born of starlight

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BONES DON’T READ THIS ok this one’s for spock. you know how you always say fascinating and you’re like “fascinating” and sometimes you’re like “fascinating” and you raise your eyebrow and you’re thinking “fascinating” and ok bones isn’t reading this anymore i definitely touched some flowers on the away mission when bones made me promise not to. my hand is purple and kinda glowing. we gotta fix this

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The moon and Venus as seen by the Clementine probe in 1994.

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About to take the stage in Chicago with the Next Gen Cast & Tne Shat!!! (x)

Why does Bill look so unhappy


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Jurassic World stills - Chris Pratt

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jim kirk + vulnerable

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Overcome with fury and bloodlust, only a lifetime of training enabled Spock to make sense of what [Uhura] was saying—much less pause in his assault to turn and blink at her. Kill him, Spock told himself. Kill him now, here. So he will never have the opportunity to harm anyone ever again. Kill him because of all he has murdered. Kill him because of…Jim. - [Star Trek: Into Darkness novelisation]

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